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Our History

Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.

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Although the first Chirst Apstolic Church (Mount Bethel) was founded in 1966 at the University of Ibadan, he Mount Bethel Ministry which is totally different was founded years later, also at Ibadan. The Ministry keeps an umbrella on all the churches planted under the aegesis of the Founding Apostle (Joanah Ogunranti) or any of her generals. These churches today number over 100 and they are scattered all over the world. This Ministry is therefore a conglomerate of all the churches as above. It forms a loose conferderation with these churches and enourages them to plant more churches and to expand the kindgom of Christ without any form of prejudice or bias to thei parent churches. Most of the churches under this umbrella of the Mount Bethel Ministries are part of the Christ Apostolic Church world wide. Indeed the Church has founded a special district for them under the Chairmanship of our new president Professor AMA Imevbore. The Ministry is therefore not a church but a conglomerate of churches of simiar interest, background and purpose to include goal.
We invite you to become a part of the Ministry today and a piece of its history tomorrow.

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