Joanah Omolola Ogunranti's death


Mama Bethel died in the early hours of 6th March 2007 at her residence in Olorunsogo Estate, Bashorun Express, Ibadan at 5.30am. One of the children who first heard about this rushed to the house and began a  session of prayer requesting God to restore her life. After 1 hour of relentless prayer he noticed she had lost her normal body temperature and rigor mortis (stiffening of body) had set in.  God then told Him He would not send Mama back to him since she (Mama)  was then already at the bosom of Abraham for eternity. He was comforted by these words, and then began to inform all the children, grandchildren and later spiritual children of the deceasedon that day which strangely was just a day before his own birthday.


Mama had more spiritual children than biological ones. All her spiritual children she nurtured with the bread of life and with caring and given in an angelic fashion. Mamma was truly an angel ,an epitome of kindness and prayerfulness. She is indeed a model for all to see and learn. (It is legendary that Mama could ordinarily pray or preach for over 10 hours without being tired). To this end, The Joanah Omolola Ogunranti museum gallery is to be set up at mama's residence in Ibadan which will be visited by all and sundry. It is to detail her life history, how she gave herself to the word of God and her humility and devotion to God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mama at party in her honour by her children on 31 December 2006