Chapter 16

Whither Bethel



After we have studied church doctrines, church government, certain controversial doctrines in the church, we conclude that the CAC is evangelical, probably more than many other churches today. But what is impressive about the CAC is the fact that its theology is so biblical and yet it is an African independent church. This has been lost to most scholars who regard it with suspicion of aladuriaism which has become another name for falsehood. The answer lies in its initial sojourn with the Apostolic Church of Wales, because that was the way God wanted it to be. This church taught the CAC doctrine, Bible exposition and theology. The CAC added to this background but the main background that the CAC worked with was the background of biblicalism i.e. to say evangelicalism for without it; the church would have gone the ways of other churches initially in the fold of aladura. We now have to prescribe the way forward not only for Bethel but also for the CAC.

CAC Schism

That must be dealt with immediately. The arrogance that CAC as the church favoured by God should be immediately removed. What has happened to CAC is not really new or unheard of. It has happened in history many times, although I must confess, not in the similar proportion. The lowly and the downtrodden have always had greater measure of the presence of God than most established churches in the history of the Christian church. Such was the situation with Montanists in 2nd century A.D, the Waldensians in the12th century, the Hussites in the 14th century, culminating in the great revivals of the soul in 18th century rural Britain led by the greatest Apostle of evangelism, John Wesley and later by Finney in the USA. Each time the group becomes complacent and less lowly God takes His magic elsewhere. The CAC should grow up. Let it stop the schism within its ranks. I am not going to dictate now the way forward. The same Holy Spirit whom the CAC already lays claim to should tell it the way forward. There can never be two churches, and one shepherd. The Bible clearly prescribes- one fold, one shepherd (Jn 10:16).


Fmr General Evangelist Babajide

Fmr Assistant General Evangelist PAA Egabor

Pastor Professor Tony Imevbore

Pastor (Dr) Ernest Fubara


  • End the present dispute
  • Go on with present modernization
  • It is nobody’s birth right to lead. You can give up leadership for the sake of peace even if it was your right to be leader in the first place. Your reward is in heaven.

Ayo Owoseye

Pastor Olu AriJesudade and his ‘mother’ Joanah

Pastor Professor Olaniyi Ibadan

Pastor Prof Obisesan,
Ife, Dean of Agriculture, OAU



As for Bethel the following are suggested

  • Bethel is still part and parcel of the CAC
  • Bethel must never carve for itself a church and leave the CAC. It is not biblical. All the churches that I know in Church history which have been formed by God have had to be first excommunicated from the parent body but not on disobedience to church discipline or liturgy. Excommunication issue has always been on truth of the Bible. If Bethel is excommunicated, then it is fully justified to form its own independent church. Without that it is certainly not the right path.
  • Bethel should as much as it is possible, keep to CAC rules and regulations. To disobey the rules of a governing church is to commit a great sin. Joanah complained of being neglected by CAC and hence she had her own dilemma. Professor Imevbore has no such problem.
  • Bethel should request for a right to run a Bethel ministry without any cost or responsibility to the CAC. This ministry will cater for all those churches whether CAC or to otherwise that were planted by Joanah in a family gathering (of course those planted by her spiritual children), and share common goals in evangelism. If the name ‘Ministry’ cannot be used for fear of being misunderstood, then the old name ‘Bethel family’ should continue.
  • Bethel should continue its aggressive evangelism and church planting. That is the way to remember the legacy of Joanah.


One last wish from Joanah must be implemented in 2007.


Provide another big land for a new branch of this Bethel


This would be the headquarters of Bethel at least in Ibadan where all the family members would meet. It should be of cathedral status. Bethel has broken all rules of CAC stereotypes. Firstly the richest church in the entire country and beyond was started by Bethel in Victoria Island Lagos in 1986 thereby helping to disprove the stereotype of poverty. Secondly the greatest concentration of the intelligentsia is in Bethel (mainly Ibadan and Ife) again disproving that CAC is church of the uneducated. Bethel also started the first ex-regional missionary journey with establishment of the first ever CAC assembly in London and outside the West African subregion, in 1974. This tradition of progress given by God must continue.


Pastor  (Dr) N.E. Udofia

President, CAC Supreme Council

Pastor E.H.L. Olusheye

President,  CAC Gen Executive Council