Joanah Ogunranti 1924-2007: History and  theology of a legend  by Oluwole Ogunranti


Professor John Oluwole Ogunranti is the first son of Joanah Ogunranti. In this book he tries to throw light into the beliefs, practices and ministry of his mother as he sees it, drawing on historical antecedents from his motherís mouth and what he saw with his own eyes, to include her own personal writings, which are many. Professor Ogunranti trained in Cambridge University and he is a medical doctor and Professor of Anatomy of the University of Jos, Nigeria. He was formerly head of the department of Anatomy for 12 years and also head of the entire Medical school of University of Jos where he worked as Dean between 2004-6. A week after he stepped down as Dean, his mother fell terminally ill and died six months later, a day before his own birthday. He brought his professional training to bear on his motherís death by personally embalming her body with great care. Oluwole Ogunranti is also a professional theologian having trained at the famous theological school of Jos ECWA theological Seminary (JETS) between 1998 and 2001 and bagged Master of Arts degree in Systematic Theology. He obtained a postgraduate diploma in Theology from the same school in 1999. In this book, he draws on his professional training to bring to the public, hidden things about the ministry of Joanah Ogunranti and her central theology. Professor Ogunranti has over 70 international awards in Medicine and a total of up to 100 awards in general. In addition to being a Professor of Anatomy of the University of Jos, he is also Visiting Professor of Anatomy in Babcock University Ilishan, where he was when he heard of his motherís death. Sir John is a Noble member of the Chilvaric Order of the Knights of Justice in the United Kingdom which makes him a British knight. He is Master Diplomate of the World Academy of Letters and Fellow of the Anatomical Society of Nigeria, to name a few of his distinguished membership and honours. While not teaching, he runs a website [] which is an Electronic School of Medicine for self learning in Medicine and its allied subjects.


Joanah Omolola Ogunranti (1924-2007) lived an exemplary life. Her gifts for the ministry were legendary and her talents for church planting unimaginable. This book attempts to examine her theology with a view to throwing some light into the processes by which God uses his people and endows them with gifts for the ministry. It also highlights successes and weaknesses in a theological fashion. But just one important aspect of Johanís theology sticks out and explains every part of her extensive mission- her ability to spend long hours in prayer so that all her vision and mission were achieved before she died. To assist the reader, information is made freely available in the book to serve as companion, not only for simple understanding of the Bible, complicated theology, but also in science of the Bible, to include anatomy, baby sex selection, reproductive techniques for fertility, menstrual charts, temperaments tests, just to name a few.  It is accompanied by a CD-ROM called Joanah Omolola Ogunranti CD-ROM containing considerable science and theological materials, and is web-linked. The book is therefore a must for all.



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